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January 28, 2014

Good Job: Majd Baniodeh of World Affairs Council

Good Job: Majd Baniodeh of World Affairs Council

Majd Baniodeh (center) of the World Affairs Council is flanked by bereaved Israeli mother Robi Damelin and bereaved Palestinian father Bassam Aramin at “Two Sided Story,” a photo exhibit illustrating the pain of loss due to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. (Susan Kaufman / Special to NWjobs)

What do you do? I am the program engagement manager at the World Affairs Council [in Seattle]. The Council provides opportunities for everyone in Greater Seattle to be global citizens by advancing a deep understanding of international events and culture. My main job is to develop and execute events and programs that bring the informative perspective of international experts to the area.

How did you get that job? One of my closest mentors, professor and advocate heard about the job and sent it to me. They needed to fill in the position right away and asked me to submit my application the same day, so I did. I was called for an interview that evening and started the following day.

What’s a typical day like? It’s hard to say what my typical day is like. We work in a fast-paced, exciting environment, and every day is truly different. I would say that I spend lots of time reaching out to potential speakers, creating diverse programs, connecting with community partners, and working on events marketing and communication.

What’s the best part of the job? The best part is that in a two-week period I can have a conversation with a South Korean delegation working on human trafficking, have lunch with the Turkish ambassador to the U.S., meet [former Utah] Gov. Jon Huntsman, talk to the Brazilian youth exchange visitors through our International Visitor Program (IVP), and collaborate with our Global Classroom staff on making sure that our events reach local K-12 students and teachers.

I’m privileged to have access to so many great folks doing amazing work locally and globally.

What surprises people about your work? The ability to connect to the world and make a difference right here and right now.

--NWjobs staff

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