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November 23, 2012

Win fans at work: fun office gifts for your co-workers

Win fans at work: fun office gifts for your co-workers

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You spend as much time at the office as you do at home (sometimes more), so don’t forget your work buddies at holiday time. We’ve assembled a list of fun, funny and downright useful go-to gifts for co-workers to thank them for seeing you through another year.

USB Retro Desk Fan
Help a co-worker keep his cool with this portable, metal desktop fan. No batteries required — the cord plugs right into a computer’s USB port to make chilling out a breeze. $15 at

You can’t give them a bigger office, but the ingenious DrinKlip will ensure that there’s always room for their water bottle or coffee cup, even when the desk is piled high with work. This portable drink holder clips onto any desk or surface to extend your space and protect your paperwork in case of a spill. $23 at Sip and Ship (Greenwood), or

J-me Cassette Tape Dispenser
Rewind to ’80s style with this, like, totally awesome tape dispenser, guaranteed to spruce up a boring cube, for sure. $21 at

Seven Year Pen
This Swiss-made pen is built to last — it can write more than 5 feet a day for seven years. Perfect for the eco-conscious co-worker who has a lot to say, this gift will really stand the test of time. $8 at Portage Bay Goods (Fremont) or


“Freak out and throw stuff” poster

“Keep calm and carry on” is good advice, but sometimes employees need to be a bit more realistic. This 8-by-10-inch print on acid-free archival paper is sure to liven up any office or cube. $10 at

Power Mate Plus
It’s frustrating when your phone goes dead at work. Protect co-workers from the same fate by gifting the Power Mate Plus. This portable backup battery provides hours of extra use for the iPhone 3GS/4/4S, fits in a purse or pocket and comes in chic modern designs. $29.50 at Fireworks (various locations)

Pantone mug
Graphic designers will appreciate a colorful, authentic Pantone mug. Each pays homage to the iconic color-matching charts of the design world, and comes with a Pantone chip tag. $16 at SAM SHOP at Seattle Art Museum (downtown) and Click Design that Fits (West Seattle)

Fridge Locker
When Post-its and passive-aggressive notes aren’t enough to deter thieves from stealing your lunch, there’s always the Fridge Locker food security system, a well-ventilated plastic crate with a chrome combination lock and carry handle — the perfect gift for your favorite brown-bagger. $20 at The Container Store (Bellevue)

Typewriter laptop sleeve
This retro-chic laptop sleeve, by heralded British designer Ted Baker, looks just like an old-school typewriter and fits laptops up to 13 inches. If your favorite co-worker has to lug that laptop home, he or she should do it in style. $42 at Fireworks

Super Power Strip
The superhero who comes to your rescue and tackles projects in a single bound will appreciate this bright yellow power strip in the shape of a lightning bolt, giving any ordinary desk a flash of style. $20 at


Test Tube Office Supply Set
Does your workplace have great chemistry? Celebrate it with these clever, functional glass test tubes pre-filled with pushpins, paper clips and binder clips. $20 at Urban Outfitters (downtown, Capitol Hill, U District)


Jumbo Bacon Candy Cane
When all else fails, Archie McPhee is stocked with quirky gifts for the person who has everything. Case in point: the jumbo, bacon-flavored candy cane. You know the recipient won’t already have one, and it could come in handy for that white elephant gift exchange. $5 at Archie McPhee (Wallingford)

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