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Are you too "overqualified" to get a job?

The bad news: Employers are often suspicious of applicants with too many qualifications. They fear you'll want too much money. Or that you're slumming until something better comes along. Or that you'll resent being supervised by a younger or less-experienced...

What career women can learn from the Seahawks

What career women can learn from the Seahawks

Super Bowl 2013 is Sunday, Feb. 3, and I'm not embarrassed to admit I'm a female who loves, loves, loves football, especially when it comes to the Seattle Seahawks. My love of football developed at an early age from my...

Scholarships now available for interactive media, gaming

It's been a long-standing, vexing problem for the local interactive media sector: The Puget Sound area has plenty of companies that need game designers and computer engineers, and countless job seekers who'd love to break into this business they've loved...

How to be a classy quitter

Maybe one of your new year's resolutions is to quit your job. Congratulations! Just make sure you do it right. First, of course, be certain that your new job is absolutely positively nailed down. Don't be left out in the...

Sometimes, money isn't the best motivator

Sometimes, money isn't the best motivator

It's that time of year again -- when managers go through the annual ritual of employee performance appraisals. During a strong economy, appraisals were also a time to recognize outstanding employee performance with fabulous benefits and perks, such as the...

Google yourself clean with new branding app

Woe be to the person with a name like "Michael Thompson" or "Susan Green" who wants to stand out in the roiling sea of social media networking. My own name will never come close to the annual baby names top...

How to appear smarter than you really are

Wouldn't you like to be smarter? Even if you are already super-smart, you probably wouldn't mind goosing the old IQ a few points. Or at least making it look that way. Now, I'm not suggesting that you do anything ridiculous,...

Forget work/life balance; strive for happiness

Forget work/life balance; strive for happiness

I'm surprised at how often I'm asked for tips on balancing work and life. Whenever this question comes up, I like to ask people why they believe they need work/life balance -- and they usually look at me like I'm...

Some surprisingly hot sectors for jobs in 2013

With the endless 2012 election now ancient history and the fiscal cliff just a bad dream, the general feeling this month is that 2013 is going to be at least a slight improvement over the stagnation of the previous year....

A worker bee's letter to the boss

Your boss tells you to be a "self-starter," to follow through, to be flexible and patient and dependable and loyal. You're told there is no "I" in "team." You're told, "You should just be grateful you have a job." For...

Finding a mentor is easier than you think

Finding a mentor is easier than you think

In my previous post, I discussed how the use of mentors can help thaw the "Seattle freeze" when it comes to networking and getting to know people in the area. Finding career mentors isn't always easy, however, and asking someone...

How to think like a hiring manager in job interviews

Although it may not seem like it during a high-pressure job interview, hiring managers are only human. They may occasionally give you a withering stare and ask sometimes unanswerable questions just to see how you react, but they are essentially...

Shiny new year brings new job training programs

Well, we seem to have made it. After briefly going over — then being pulled right back from — the dreaded "fiscal cliff" over the New Year's holiday, job seekers in Washington state and everywhere else can breathe a little...

9 career resolutions for 2013

A new year, a fresh beginning. That's the plan, anyway. Here are nine not-so-hard ideas to get you started: 1. Stop procrastinating. Seriously. You'll be amazed at how your productivity will soar. Your daily existence will become simpler and smoother,...

Thaw out the 'Seattle freeze' with mentoring

Thaw out the 'Seattle freeze' with mentoring

January is National Mentoring Month, so I decided to look at how mentoring others could help us thaw the "Seattle freeze" reputation we've so infamously earned. Julia Sommerfeld gave examples of our not-so-nice freeze-out attitude toward people who weren't born...




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