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Career Center Blog | Knowing when and how to disclose a disability

A few months ago, a friend of mine was officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The shock and confusion caused by this revelation was intensified by the fact that it came soon after being laid off from her job. While she

Career Center Blog | Don't get fil-A'd by a fowled-up social media strategy

I Googled myself a few days ago. That's no longer an especially noteworthy act; most professionals should do it from time to time to make sure they don't see any embarrassing surprises associated with their names. Fortunately, most of the

Career Center Blog | Restoring balance to the background-check process

In this age of hyper-security, many job seekers over the past decade have found themselves subjected to an increasing number of background checks during the interview process. Before 9/11, most background checks were reserved for positions that involved the control

Career Center Blog | Keeping face when interview demands go too far

As I've written before, social media are essential tools to ensure that your expertise can be viewed by a wide variety of employers; however, Facebook should not be one of them. The 845-million-member network that spawned a Hollywood blockbuster cannot




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