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Hire Ground | Local company gaining DataSphere of influence

When I host my monthly career mixers in partnership with, I ask attendees during the registration to list employers they would like to see at the event. One of the names I've been hearing recently is DataSphere Technologies. DataSphere,

Nine to Thrive | Job seekers: Three reasons to censor your Facebook posts

By now, we've all heard the warnings about being careful what we say about work on Facebook, regardless of whether we have an employer or are looking for one. [Photo by altemark] Sure, it's smart to use the social

Nine to Thrive | For some job seekers, every day is Earth Day

Happy Earth Day -- do you know where your employer stands on environmental sustainability? In a survey released earlier this month by carpet maker Interface Inc., a majority of respondents said they sure hoped they knew where their company

Hire Ground | Recruiter blacklisting: A cautionary tale

Although I'm not a headhunter or a placement agency, I try to help my clients by referring them to hiring managers or companies when I see there might be an opportunity. In one instance, an aerospace company was looking for

Hire Ground | Blacklisting: Why they're never going to hire you

Candidates need to be careful before sending blind resumes to job postings online. If the company's boundaries are crossed, the candidate can become blacklisted and lose the chance of ever being considered for employment with that company. Blacklisting is very

Hire Ground | If you don't respect yourself, no one else will (including hiring managers)

I talked to a group of frustrated job seekers today. Their motivation seemed to be at an all-time low. Just two weeks ago, I had given them instructions on how to construct their job-search marketing plan, target their top companies

Hire Ground | How to crack the code to the secret job market

In previous posts, I've discussed the importance of creating a marketing plan for your job hunt. Part of this plan includes identifying a set of employers you want to target so that you can tap into unadvertised opportunities -- also

Hire Ground | How LinkedIn Job Seeker Premium Account can shorten your transition time

One of LinkedIn's best friends for job seekers is the Job Seeker Premium Account. Introduced in April last year, it was specifically created for candidates looking to get the edge over others in this competitive market. The cost starts at

Hire Ground | A job-seeker story you may relate to: 'I don't belong here'

I was shopping at a toy store with my son and noticed an "up to 75% moving sale" discount. I asked an employee which items had the discounts, and he replied, "There really isn't anything on sale at 75 percent.

Hire Ground | I had a great phone screen, but the HR person isn't responding

A Hire Ground reader sent me an e-mail about a human resources person not responding after she had a great phone screen. Maybe you can relate? "About a week ago, I posted my resume to the website of a large

Hire Ground | What to do after a job rejection -- it's not what you think

Two of my clients recently landed jobs after they had gotten the "Thanks, but no thanks" reply. Both had done a great job in their interviews, but in each case there were other qualified candidates who better matched the hiring

Hire Ground | Jump start your career search in 2011

Are you ready to take advantage of New Year's energy to find rewarding employment? Read the tips below to get a jump-start on the competition and find meaningful work. Look inside first. You don't want just any job, do you?

Hire Ground | How to write a great bio, from the author of 'Bye-Bye Boring Bio'

I recently interviewed Nancy Juetten, author of "Bye-Bye Boring Bio," on what it takes to write a great bio. Professionals in transition can benefit from a well-written bio in their social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), the summary section of

Hire Ground | What do recruiters want from me?

I recently interviewed executive recruiter Erin Holland-Collins on why some candidates remain unemployed for extended periods. (See my previous post, Is there a reason I'm still unemployed?) Here are some of Erin's additional thoughts about what turns recruiters off, as

Hire Ground | Is there a reason I'm still unemployed?

When I presented my career seminars this year, I noted that many professionals had been unemployed for quite some time. I heard repeatedly that, "Employers aren't responding to my application," or "Even though I'm getting interviews (phone or in-person), I

Hire Ground | Temp, trade hires may lead job revival in 2011

This week, as greater Seattle gears up for the last-minute shopping binge, most job seekers are pretty much already on holiday from their usual full-time "jobs" of looking for work. With hiring managers either planning holiday parties, on early vacation

Hire Ground | Want more exposure when job-hunting? Use the media to your advantage

If you're an experienced professional, getting media exposure can help your credibility, visibility and opportunities to connect with employers. Recruiters often Google prospective candidates to learn more about them, and being featured in the media offers invaluable credibility in addition

Hire Ground | How to write a stellar resume, without paying for it

Not all job seekers have the money to invest in a professionally written, high-quality resume. What's worse is that with today's sophisticated applicant tracking systems, a well-written resume won't get you that far, anyway. Each resume must be customized to

Hire Ground | Want the job? Learn how to become a great storyteller

One of the biggest mistakes candidates make during an interview is that they answer the interviewer's questions with facts and details. Or, they talk about the intellectual way they would solve a problem. Successful presenters, public speakers, salespeople and politicians

Hire Ground | How jobseekers can use LinkedIn to find valuable company information

If you're not a heavy LinkedIn user, you might not be aware of the great details the site provides about companies that can help you in your job search. Say you're looking to target a list of employers, or you're

Hire Ground | Want to pass the interview? Prepare your 'power questions'

Your success in an interview depends directly on your understanding of the employer's true needs and desires and your ability to communicate how you're the exact match for what the company is seeking in its new hire. Many good candidates

Hire Ground | How to get a proper introduction, and how to follow up

A client of mine recently asked for proper ways of getting successful introductions from her connections. She was afraid that the way her network was introducing her was actually backfiring. A recent e-mail introduction from a contact ended with, "...

Hire Ground | How to find a job in the federal government

According to Where the Jobs Are, federal agencies will be hiring more than 270,000 workers for mission-critical jobs by the end of September, 2012. Most federal hiring will be concentrated in five professional fields: Medical and Public Health, Security and

Hire Ground | How to sell yourself on your resume

When teaching my resume writing workshop, I ask participants to review each bullet on their resumes and put a "T" or "R" next to each one. "T," short for Tasks, is for a statement where you merely describe an experience,

Hire Ground | Advanced resume screening techniques you should know about

In my resume search optimization seminar, I discuss four common algorithms that applicant tracking systems (ATS) use to sort through resumes. Knowing what the ATS is looking for and optimizing your resume with this in mind is crucial if you

Hire Ground | How not to come across as a desperate job seeker

In my career search seminars, I am frequently asked: "Paul, I've heard that employers aren't interested in hiring the unemployed. Is that true?" To a point, this is valid, but of course, it's not entirely true. If this were the

Hire Ground | How to ace a phone screen

A client of mine recently landed a great in-person interview with a top Seattle construction company by acing the phone screen. Passing the phone screen is essential to getting an in-person interview, as more companies today are conducting them to

Hire Ground | Tips for stay-at-home moms reentering the workforce

A common question I'm hearing in the job-hunting community these days is how stay-at-home moms who want to reenter the workforce can deal with the overwhelming competition in the market and find a job. The biggest challenges most stay-at-home moms

Hire Ground | How to job search if you're a super introvert

Introverts are usually comfortable with one or two people at a time, and are most comfortable with people they already know and trust. The greatest challenge for introverts when searching for a new job is meeting new people, especially at

Hire Ground | Who are the top three 'super connectors' in your industry?

Recently, I gave an assignment to my career boot camp students: They will have one week to identify the top three "super connectors" -- the most influential contacts -- in their industry. Once these contacts are identified, they will have

Hire Ground | How to stay motivated during your job search

The toughest part of a career transition is managing the negative little voice inside our heads that we call self-talk. It's amazing how we're faced with our greatest fears and self doubts during this time, especially if we have people

Hire Ground | Need a new approach? Here are 16 ways to find job openings

If you've been searching for a job for more than six months, it's probably time to evaluate your job-seeking strategy and see what has been working and what hasn't. It's human nature to repeat comfortable behaviors, but without success, these

Hire Ground | If the job listing says 'no calls, please,' should I call anyway?

Many candidates in my career search optimization seminar ask me, "Can I call a recruiter about an opening even when the job listing specifically says 'no phone calls please'?" The answer is "Yes," and several of my clients have gotten

Hire Ground | Your step-by-step guide to getting your next job

In my recent post about how to get a job in today's market, I promised I would teach you how to create a one-page marketing plan to help you stay focused, goal oriented and organized in your job search. With

Hire Ground | Prepare for landing: Late-summer networking events

OK, have we gotten it all out of our systems now? This wave of workplace catharsis that has rippled across the country in the days since our new 15-minute folk hero, Steve Slater, famously grabbed those beers and pulled the

Hire Ground | Reaching a hiring manager: Flattery is the key when you have to do a "cold call"

Yesterday I spoke at the Washington State Bar Association's monthly Job Seeker Group. An attorney came up to me and asked how he should approach hiring managers when he finds an opening on a company's website. Approaching a cold lead

Hire Ground | How to get a job in today's market

In my last two posts, I've discussed some of the reasons why it's so hard to find a job today and the top mistakes job seekers make that are keeping them from finding employment. Here are some tips you can

Hire Ground | Top mistakes job seekers make that cost them the job

I recently spoke with Dan Schawbel, an expert on personal branding and the best-selling author of "Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success." Dan and I discussed many mistakes novice job seekers make that keep them unemployed:

Hire Ground | Why is it so hard to find a job today?

I continuously interview companies in the Puget Sound region and document their hiring process. I talk to VPs of HR, hiring managers, corporate recruiters, and headhunters about what has changed in the hiring world since late 2008, how the job

Hire Ground | How to find a job as an executive - part 2

In my most recent post, Mark Tranter, partner with CFO Selections in Bellevue, differentiated between well-networked executives and executives who didn't pay attention to building relationships. Here are some more in-depth strategies you can use today to make your transition

Hire Ground | How to find a job as an executive

"There are two types of CFOs, those that have a network and those that don't," says Mark Tranter, partner with CFO Selections in Bellevue. While both executives are competent, the non-networked CFO averages one year of unemployment while the networked

Hire Ground | Buzz on lie detectors is all a lie, but looking for lies on your resume is still true

In an article posted on the Washington Post, Jeff Stein points out that polygraph tests used by employers to screen candidates aren't reliable, however the appearance of the test itself can motivate subjects to confess. While I have yet to

Hire Ground | Thinking about contracting? Understand the new VMS system first

One of the frequent questions I've been getting in my seminars lately comes from active jobseekers or contract workers who wonder, "why am I getting e-mails from contracting firms asking for exclusive rights to represent me or wanting the last




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