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Career Center | Tired of sitting? More workers take treadmill desks for a spin

By Diana Wurn / Special to NWjobs Some people go for a walk when they need to clear their mind or come up with ideas. John Knapp just starts walking at his desk. “I just hit ‘start’ and I’m off

Career Center | Freelance frenzy: Workers go it alone, fueling a 'gig economy'

By Ben Schenkel
 / Bloomberg News Two years into his new career writing code for phone apps, Leo Landau works for companies as far away as Australia while never leaving his apartment in Eugene, Ore. By year’s end he expects

Career Center | Flight attendant, reporter on list of 9 worst jobs of 2013

By Aaron Gouveia / recently published its list of the Worst Jobs of 2013. The site analyzed several hundred jobs and rated them by work environment, income, outlook and stress. Using data from sources including the U.S. Census

Career Center | Ditch the golf clubs: Running is the new sport of networkers

By Cindy Krischer Goodman / The Miami Herald Want to network with the CEO of public company or the president of a university? Start running. Adam Goldstein, CEO of Royal Caribbean International, says his running workouts and passion for the

Career Center | To curb workplace violence, employers should plan

By Gabrielle Banks / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Schaun D. Henry was leading an onsite training session on violence prevention in the workplace when a stranger barged into the room, headed straight for him and threatened: "I have a gun." The participants

Career Center | Picking a path: Students need skills to pay the bills

By Rex Huppke / Chicago Tribune Parents are often told -- by magazines, television news shows and Oprah -- that they are doing things wrong. Don’t give kids regular milk; give them organic or they’ll turn into mutant cow people.

Career Center | Looking for a seasonal job? Now's the time

By Jon Chavez / Toledo Blade Summer is barely over, but the quest to hire holiday-season workers already has begun. The largest number of openings will undoubtedly be in the retail sector, and some retailers are optimistic that the economic

Career Center | Some companies bringing jobs back to U.S.

By Dee DePass / Minneapolis Star Tribune Two years ago, Calibur11 in Duluth, Minn., did what any other cash-strapped manufacturer looking to prune costs would do: Turn to China. But the maker of game console cases is happily shifting its

Career Center | In demand: Industry can't haul in enough truck drivers

By Gloria Lloyd / McClatchy Newspapers A job seeker looking through classified advertisements in North Carolina is very likely to see trucking companies from as far away as Massachusetts and Nebraska calling for applicants for open positions they cannot fill.

Career Center | What a career coach can — and can't — do for you

By Anita Bruzzese / Gannett You decided to hire a career coach because your job search was stuck. Or perhaps you felt your career needed to head in a new direction. But several months after meeting with your coach, you’re

Career Center | Avoid these common resume blunders

By Dawn Dugan / A great resume can open a door, but an inferior one can just as quickly close it. Because a resume is likely the first glimpse of you that employers will get, make it an impressive

Career Center | Then and now: Employment changes over the past 50 years

Compiled by Linda Hughes / Special to NWjobs In 1962, the year of the Seattle World’s Fair, Bill Gates was 6 and years away from transforming computing and our area’s employment options. Microsoft has changed the jobs landscape, but one

Career Center | Manufacturers struggle to find skilled workers

By Alejandra Cancino / Chicago Tribune Doug Parsons needs to hire more than two dozen skilled workers at his manufacturing plant in Pekin, Ill., but he can't find them. Parsons' problem was heightened last year when company sales grew 60

Job Calendar | Eastside Business Book Club

Participants in the new Eastside Business Book Club for Bizniks will read one book per month, then meet to discuss it. The group will start with "The Thank You Economy" by Gary Vaynerchuk.

Career Center | Experts optimistic about Seattle's job market in 2012

By Katie Ormsby / Special to NWjobs Will 2012 be the year Seattle’s job market recovers from the recession? Arun Raha, chief economist for Washington state and the executive director of the Economic and Revenue Forecast Council, believes the Emerald

Career Center | Winning work: At area casinos, job openings are a safe bet

By Katie OrmsbySpecial to NWjobs It used to be casinos were exclusively about gambling. They had table games, slot machines, maybe a bar. These days, casinos have transformed into all-inclusive entertainment destinations. And with this trend, career opportunities have also

Career Center | Financial analysts, accountants can count on increased demand, experts say

By Suzanne MonsonSpecial to NWjobs At the edge of the brink of the threshold: Insiders say that’s how close the Puget Sound region is to a hiring uptick for some of the most promising finance-related jobs. It’s a sector that

Career Center | New skills: Explore options for revamping your career

By Gregory KarpThe Associated Press As broad-based hiring in the United States slowly gains momentum, many out-of-work Americans are finding they need to retool their skills, certifications and degrees. About 36 percent of people who were re-employed after being laid

Career Center | Plan B careers aren't always the dream jobs people hope for

By Alex WilliamsThe New York Times Rona Economou was a lawyer at a large Manhattan law firm, making a comfortable salary and enjoying nights on the town when she was laid off in 2009, another victim of the recession. At

Career Center | Wide gap in skills leaves many unemployed, many open jobs

By Drew DeSilverSeattle Times business reporter At age 46, with three grown kids and nearly three decades in sales behind him, Chris Mugler of Auburn is two places he thought he'd never be: unemployed and back in school. Four days

Career Center | Five hot jobs: Digital age, aging population reshape employment projections

By Dave Carpenter The Associated Press If you’ve been fantasizing about becoming a farmer, it’s time to pick another daydream. No other occupation category has seen a bigger decline, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Twitter strategist or

Career Center | Talking code: Demand for programmers, software engineers outstrips supply

While the economy has made expansion difficult for many industries, Seattle-based technology companies have experienced expansion difficulty for a different reason: Namely, the pool of qualified candidates isn’t keeping up with demand. A quick search on’s technology section routinely

Career Center | Feeling upbeat, workers looking to move on to other jobs

By Dee Depass Minneapolis Star Tribune Three months ago, a surprise offer persuaded Rachel Swan of Minneapolis to ignore the economic downturn and follow her heart. She left her steady administrative job at Capella University to become the manager at

Career Center | Turn on-the-job experience into a degree at Seattle’s City University

By Jon Marcus The Associated Press Laid off at the start of the recession as the marketing director for a regional homebuilder, Leah Schedin quickly realized she lacked something essential for a new job: a college degree. Schedin had completed

Career Center | Where the jobs are: Experts forecast growth in several sectors in 2011

By Randy Woods Special to NWjobs Bank failures, massive layoffs, furloughed workers -- the recession has created a long string of bad news in employment in the Seattle area. But as we begin 2011, there appears to be more than

Career Center | Six careers likely to have staying power in the years to come

By Dawn Dugan What will the help-wanted ads look like in two years? In five? In 10? As the world evolves, so do job trends and job descriptions. It’s important to structure your career so that your job will

Hire Ground | Confidence still rising for 2011 job growth

All relationships -- even the ones that seem destined for long-term commitment -- have their bumpy days, where everything seems to fall apart. Friday was one of those days for the on-again/off-again romance between private-sector employers and the nation's workforce.

Hire Ground | Seattle ranks high on managerial hiring index

A few days ago, we saw a dramatic example of change, with Republicans picking up a whopping 64 seats in the midterm elections to take back control of the House of Representatives. Here in this Washington -- in the Seattle

Career Center | Joining the ranks: Weak job market gives new appeal to military enlistment

By Edward Colimore The Associated Press Michael Lyons thought he had a career plan: Continue working as an equity trader on Wall Street and finish 20 years of service with the Army National Guard. Then came layoffs. His well-paying civilian

Career Center | How do I explain a demotion to prospective employers?

By Kristen Fife NWjobs Q: I am an administrative professional. Last year, I was given the option of taking a demotion at a significant paycut at my current employer, or being let go. Due to the economy at that time,

Career Center | No more making copies: Internships now include longer stints, startups and stipends

By Randy Woods Special to NWjobs If your impression of an intern is a bored, clueless post-adolescent in an ill-fitting suit, clearly you’ve been watching too many reruns of “The Office.” Today’s interns are dynamic, adaptable, business-savvy people who are

Hire Ground | Setting your course for a jobs recovery in 2011

With the midterm election looming, there has been a disproportionate amount of focus on the past in recent weeks. The relentless and misleading campaign ads both for and against Patty Murray and Dino Rossi have saturated the airwaves with endless

Career Center | New Gen Y reality: Recession forces younger workers to update their work attitudes

By Cindy Krischer Goodman The Associated Press Five years ago, Richard Berkowitz thought he had a problem relating to his younger workers. Berkowitz, the director of an accounting firm, was used to working late during tax season. But “when I

Hire Ground | Tips for stay-at-home moms reentering the workforce

A common question I'm hearing in the job-hunting community these days is how stay-at-home moms who want to reenter the workforce can deal with the overwhelming competition in the market and find a job. The biggest challenges most stay-at-home moms

Career Center | Jobs in store: 'Tis the season for holiday hiring

By Jean Parietti Special to NWjobs Emily Helander doesn’t have to shop around for a retail job this holiday season — she already has one lined up. The 18-year-old landed her first real job this past spring — within two

Career Center | Job hopping: Companies frown on it, but frequent job changers cite benefits

By Leonor Vivanco The Associated Press (Thinkstock) Mimosa Shah acts like a free agent in the working world. In the past two years, she has bounced around to four jobs: volunteer coordinator for two political campaigns, literacy coordinator for

Hire Ground | A resource for finding a company you want to work for

Job seekers who have a clear idea of which employers they want to work for tend to find jobs quicker than job seekers that are keeping their options open and still figuring things out. There is power in focus. One

Career Center | As economy improves, employees gain confidence to quit jobs

By Christopher Leonard and Christopher S. Rugaber The Associated Press Katie Charland, shown June 4 in Chandler, Ariz., recently quit her job at a parenting magazine to take a position with a nonprofit organization called Gangplank Phoenix. (Matt York

Career Center | Experts advise college grads to focus on work experience, think long-term

By Linda Hughes NWjobs Hemlata Mistry, left, talks with a representative from Adobe at the University of Washington Spring Career Fair in April. (Linda Hughes) There will be tears of joy and hard-won smiles next weekend as Seattle Pacific

Career Center | Summer jobs for teens dwindle

By Mickey Meece The New York Times This year is shaping up to be even worse than last for the millions of high-school and college students looking for summer jobs. State and local governments, among the biggest seasonal employers,

Career Center | Recession, technology, shrinking benefits lead to fewer workers calling in sick

By Leanne Italie The Associated Press Jeremy Lesniak — holding his two cellphones and pager in his home office — hasn’t taken a full sick day in more than six years. (The Associated Press) Jeremy Lesniak owns a small

Career Center | Job picture brightens; older workers struggle

By Drew DeSilver Seattle Times business reporter Larry Dinwiddie, left rear, 57, of Tumwater, attends a career fair in Tacoma. He's been jobless since December. (Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times) A year and a half ago, Larry Dinwiddie

Career Center | Business social-networking tools take collaboration to a personal level

By Mike Swift The Associated Press Microsoft’s SharePoint 2010, released Wednesday, includes features that allow co-workers to personalize their profiles. (Screen shot courtesy of Microsoft) For those who thought they could avoid joining the more than 400 million residents

Career Center | Recession eliminated some jobs for good

By Catherine Rampell The New York Times Cynthia Norton, 52, was laid off as an administrative assistant two years ago. (Lori Moffett / The New York Times) JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Many of the jobs lost during the recession are

Career Center | Grads confront rocky job market in state

By Katie Ormsby and Amy Martinez Seattle Times business reporters J-Chun Chen, a senior at the University of Washington soon to earn a degree in economics, gets résumé-writing tips from a recruiter at Mary Gates Hall on Thursday. (Dean

Hire Ground | What a year it's been -- No foolin'!

Today marks a full calendar year since I carved out my little cyberniche with this Hire Ground column. So far, I've posted more than 140 entries about interviewing tips, networking events, resume advice, development of interpersonal skills and some random

Hire Ground | Summer-job prospects expected to stay at '09 level

For the last couple of years, our measure of what is considered a "good job market" has taken some lumps. While Wall Street seems to have bounced back quickly from its 2008-09 bender, the nation's unemployed are still acutely feeling

Career Center | Senate extends benefits for unemployed: $138B bill supports Medicare, tax breaks

By Tribune Washington Bureau and McClatchy Newspapers WASHINGTON — After months of wrangling, the Senate on Wednesday approved a $138 billion spending bill that would extend jobless benefits, help the states pay for Medicare and extend a bundle of

Career Center | Washington state job numbers and payrolls grow for the first time since late 2008

By Drew DeSilver Seattle Times business reporter Bureau of Labor Statistics / Employment Security Department One swallow doesn't make a summer, and one month of employment gains doesn't make a recovery. But Washington's January jobs numbers, reported Tuesday by

Career Center | Best job of 2010: Actuary, often 'at the bottom of the geek chain,' tops study

By Bill Glauber Associated Press John Bazemore / Associated Press Harry Lutz works at BHA Consulting in Georgia as an actuary. They are the odds-makers of life. With computers, calculations and curiosity, they place a financial value on risk

Career Center | The 10 Worst Jobs of 2010

By Andrew Strieber Roustabout is the lowest-ranked position in's 2010 Jobs Rated report. Picture this as your typical workday: You wake up at 5 a.m. (or 5 p.m. for the night shift) and head to the dining

Career Center | The 10 Best Jobs of 2010

By Andrew Strieber Actuary is the top-ranked position in's 2010 Jobs Rated report. Layoffs, bankruptcies and rising unemployment -- the past 12 months have been an especially traumatic time to be looking for a new job. Yet

Career Center | Counting on workers: Census Bureau recruits for thousands of local temporary jobs

By Jean Parietti Special to NWjobs JEAN PARIETTI Cynthia White fields a call at the Seattle Census office, where a chart tracks the progress toward gathering a sufficient applicant pool. The office expects to field 800 to 1,000 job

Career Center | State's jobs skid worst since "Boeing bust"

By Drew DeSilver Seattle Times business reporter Last year was the worst in recent history for job losses in Washington, the state Employment Security Department confirmed Wednesday: 106,200 jobs, or 3.6 percent of payroll employment here, were eliminated in

Career Center | Cautiously optimistic: Many employers predict better days for Seattle's job market

By NWjobs staff JUPITER IMAGES As the new decade begins, NWjobs asked area businesses and a labor expert to predict what 2010 will bring for the job market. Cautious optimism was the prevailing theme; employers in several industries say

Career Center | Get a boost: Alumni offices beef up career services for college grads

By Mildred L. Culp Special to NWjobs BARRY J. GIBBONS Nicolle Myers, a research scientist at Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine, used the University of Washington Alumni Association to help get her foot in the door in the Seattle-area

Career Center | Sticking around: How to turn a temporary holiday job into a permanent position

By Chip Cutter Associated Press UPS Shipping company UPS had planned to hire about 50,000 seasonal workers this year. UPS says it hopes to hire up to 30 percent of its temporary work force for permanent jobs after the

Career Center | State's jobless rate lets employers ask more from potential hires

By Drew DeSilver Seattle Times business reporter DEAN RUTZ / THE SEATTLE TIMES Skilled workers Jana Rekosh, right, and Tracy Lorelli are having trouble finding full-time jobs. Finding a job in Washington isn't getting harder, at least according to

Career Center | Return to routine: After long layoffs, new hires readjust to 9-to-5 schedules

By Mercedes M. Cardona Associated Press CARLOS OSORIO / ASSOCIATED PRESS James Melton returned to work shortly before Labor Day after nearly a year out of work. The former news radio editor from Detroit accepted a part-time job handling

Career Center | Juggling act: Part-time 'giggers' embrace multiple-job economy

By Douglas Brown New York Times News Service KATHRYN SCOTT OSLER / ASSOCIATED PRESS After losing her job as a public relations executive, Maureen Russell says she “knew it was up to me to make more work happen.” Since

Career Center | Higher jobless rates could be new normal

By TOM RAUM The Associated Press MARK LENNIHAN / AP People line up for a job fair in March in New York. Economists say weak employment may linger for years. WASHINGTON — Even with an economic revival, many U.S.

Career Center | Following your heart: Jobs with impact, 'social capital' gaining popularity

By Emily Glazer Associated Press iSTOCK Now that the financial system has been rocked to its core, “social capital” is getting a lot of buzz. But what is it? It boils down to putting your efforts into jobs with

Career Center | Older and unemployed: Despite the recession, job seekers over 50 can beat the odds

By Suzanne Monson Special to NWjobs SARAH CLEVELAND / SPECIAL TO NWJOBS At age 51, Jill Ste. Claire Berndsen began working at the Ben Bridge jewelry store at Seattle’s Northgate Mall after a sales career in the construction industry.

Career Center | On the road to success: Program equips women with professional attire and more

By Michelle Archer Special to NWjobs DRESS FOR SUCCESS Susan Ward, right, program assistant for Dress for Success Seattle and YWCA Working Wardrobe, works with group member Marceline Jackson at a recent clothing giveaway event. Susan Ward arrived in

Career Center | Retail safety net shrinks: Onslaught of applicants face fewer job openings

By Anne D’Innocenzio Associated Press YANINA MANOLOVA / ASSOCIATED PRESS Darren Gray, a former manager in the banking industry, accepted a job as a commission-based jewelry specialist at the new JCPenney at Manhattan Mall in New York when all

Career Center | Assisted-living facilities face increasing demand for skilled, compassionate staff

By Linda Hughes Special to NWjobs In 2011, the first baby boomers will turn 65. By the time 2050 comes around, nearly 21 million Americans will be 85 or older vs. 5.3 million in 2006, according to the U.S.

Career Center | Turnover, aging population contribute to critical shortage of registered nurses

By Suzanne Monson Special to NWjobs It's going to take a lot more than a simple shot in the arm. With growing demands for qualified health care professionals needed to staff hospitals, clinics, schools and other settings in the

Career Center | By the numbers: Fast facts about health care jobs

By Suzanne Monson Special to NWjobs Now you know: Seven of the 20 fastest-growing occupations in the United States are health care-related. By 2016: Employment for home health care aides (including self-employment) is expected to skyrocket by 49 percent.

Career Center | Movement toward electronic medical records will bring healthy, diverse job growth

By Linda Hughes Special to NWjobs ISTOCK The day will come when your doctor will type notes directly into a computer rather than rely on pen and paper. Some day your medical records will be in one electronic file

Career Center | Colleges offer a variety of degrees to meet high demand for health care workers

Courtesy of ARAcontent Medical research, technological advancements and a population that is living longer are all reasons that the health care field continues to grow. Many new jobs are emerging in this ever-changing field each year, and to meet

Career Center | Hybrid health care careers blend medical knowledge with research, business or law

By Suzanne Monson Special to NWjobs Some 1,065 doctors and other medical staff provide award-winning care for fragile young patients at Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center. But far from the emergency room and a few miles from the

Career Center | Hospital internship program provides on-the-job training for operating room nurses

By Paul Craig The (Vancouver) Columbian Southwest Washington Medical Center is growing its own qualified nurses. Instead of struggling to find qualified applicants to fill nursing positions that demand experience, hospitals are providing that experience on site. Nursing internship

Career Center | Local medical facilities reflect health care industry's strong employment outlook

By Teresa Kenney Special to NWjobs TERESA KENNEY Dr. Russell Van Gelder performs an eye exam in one of the examination rooms of the newly opened UW Medicine Eye Institute in Seattle. Its scenic setting, vibrant culture and great

Career Center | Competition for pharmacists is high -- and so are the salary and incentives

By Caina Calvan McClatchy Newspapers SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The enticement was hard to refuse: a signing bonus of $30,000. The wad of cash would help with student loans, and who could turn it down -- on top of a

Career Center | Too good to be true: Job scams promise big bucks but deliver only dead ends

By Eileen AJ Connelly Associated Press ISTOCK The ads are everywhere: in your mailbox, online, tacked to telephone poles. They all make similar promises: Earn big money! Work at home! With unemployment at a 25-year high and even people

Career Center | Sit, stay, get paid: Love dogs? Crazy about cats? Consider pet industry sales jobs

By Suzanne Monson Special to NWjobs LINDA HUGHES Max gets some TLC from PetsHotel Manager Tracy Adamson at the Southcenter PetSmart. At a time when many retail sales employers are shedding jobs in a tight economy, applicants sniffing around

Career Center | Balancing act: Working from home with kids underfoot takes careful planning

By Michelle Archer Special to NWjobs BOO DAVIS The perks of working from home are undeniable: no commute, a relaxed dress code and the flexibility to tell the cable company to come anytime. But for every high of taking

Career Center | Ask what you can do for your country: Despite the recession, Uncle Sam is hiring

By Megan Woolhouse New York Times News Service ISTOCK At a time when many companies are shedding jobs at an alarming rate to survive the recession, one employer is still hiring: the federal government. While the number of job

Career Center | Going green: As state industries make changes, jobs are expected to follow

By Suzanne Monson Special to NWjobs ISTOCK Buoyed by the prospect of mixing passion with profit, growing numbers of workers are exploring “green-collar” jobs with an emphasis on respect for and protection of the environment. Now seems like a

Career Center | Transition time: Financial squeeze at home sends 'economommies' back to work

By Suzanne Monson Special to NWjobs SUZANNE MONSON Returning to the workforce brings its unexpected challenges for former stay-at-home mom Beth Hodges. Her new job requires a professional wardrobe and shoes -- expenses she believes many women don’t anticipate.

Career Center | Time management: Staying productive, fulfilled after a layoff is an acquired skill

By Jocelyn Noveck Associated Press ASSOCIATED PRESS Dina Schipper, a former media relations executive who was laid off in March, enjoys the extra time she has to spend with her children, ages 7 and 3. But she calls being

Career Center | Retirement detour: Older employees working longer; more retirees seeking jobs

By Deb Riechmann Associated Press Associated Press photo courtesy CareerLink CareerLink employee Beverly London, 74, right, reviews job order requests with Jo Helman at the CareerLink office in Punxsutawney, Penn. London and her husband sold their retail carpet store

Career Center | Still hiring: Amid the economic wreckage, some sectors are moving forward

By Jack Chang McClatchy Newspapers ISTOCK There continues to be a demand for occupational educators and trainers as unemployed workers and other career-changers go back to school to learn new skills or beef up their résumés. The U.S. economy

Career Center | Summertime blues: Teens face chilly hiring climate in seasonal job hunt

By Sue Stock McClatchy Newspapers JASON ARTHURS / RALEIGH NEWS & OBSERVER Joe Vance, left, and Jeff Roach work at Goodberry's frozen-custard shop in North Raleigh, N.C. Teens looking for a summer job in this weak economy are going

Career Center | Furloughs force workers to cut their link with the office

By Cindy Krisher Goodman The Miami Herald Here's something you don't hear the boss say often: You're forbidden from checking e-mail, making work calls and peeking at your BlackBerry. In these desperate economic times, more employers are forcing thousands

Career Center | What happens when an unemployed husband finds that his next boss is his wife?

By Erin Chan Ding Detroit Free Press SUSAN TUSA/DETROIT FREE PRESS Don Evanowski, of Brides-To-Be Shows, talks with Patricia Gammicchia, sales vice president, in Troy, Mich. His wife owns the company, which he joined after forced retirement from Chrysler.

Career Center | Stay-at-homes now work to find jobs

By Kirsten Valle McClatchy Newspapers YALONDA M. JAMES/CHARLOTTE (N.C.) OBSERVER Timisha Daniels, 25, plays with her 10-month-old son, Cassidy. Daniels, who quit her job before giving birth, is now job hunting. Her husband was recently laid off. CHARLOTTE, N.C.

Career Center | Down economy brings uptick in business: Bankruptcy lawyers, pawn shops thrive

By Brandon Lowrey Los Angeles Daily News LOS ANGELES — A year ago, Lauren Ross had just four or five clients a month. Now she has that many every week. Her prosperity didn't come to an end with the

Career Center | Finding a mix of short-term gigs online is a way to make ends meet

By ERIN VANDERBERG The Associated Press TIM ROSKE /AP Simone Sneed checks online listings for a new apartment from her home in Latham, N.Y. She has used Craigslist's Gigs section to find jobs for a few hours or a

Career Center | Programs help career-switchers answer the call of the classroom

By LIBBY QUAID The Associated Press LAWRENCE JACKSON / AP Peter Vos, 50, who once ran an Internet startup, teaches eighth-grader Chido Makoni computer programming at Argyle Middle School in Silver Spring, Md. SILVER SPRING, Md. — Plenty of

Career Center | Census jobs offer a timely boost for the sagging U.S. economy

By Michael McKee Bloomberg News The 2010 U.S. census may provide an extra kick to the economy, just as the effects of President Obama's $787 billion stimulus plan start to take hold. The census will put more than 1.4

Career Center | Cycling enthusiasts turn their hobby into a vocation by training as bike mechanics

By Julie French Ashland Daily Tidings JIM CRAVEN / ASHLAND DAILY TIDINGS Gary Mathis, left, leads a class in the art of using an acetylene torch to braze bicycle frames at the United Bicycle Institute in Ashland, Ore. The

Career Center | Career transitions in a tough job market call for ingenuity and flexibility

By Geraldine Baum Los Angeles Times CAROLYN COLE / LOS ANGELES TIMES Lois Draegin, 55, left, and Randi Bernfeld, 24, say they look up to each other as mentors. Draegin is an unpaid intern at the online site,

Career Center | More immigrants finding better job prospects, higher pay back home

By Kristin Collins McClatchy Newspapers RALEIGH, N.C. — A Duke University researcher says the United States may no longer be the world's only land of opportunity. According to a study released this month, immigrants from India and China are

Career Center | Mr. Mom makes a comeback as layoffs hit hard in male-dominated job fields

By Patrick May San Jose Mercury News NHAT V. MEYER / SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS Greg Hobbs helps his son Nathan, 12,with his homework as daughter Kimmie, 17, heads to her room in their Sunnyvale, Calif., home. Hobbs was




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